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                       ABOUT KERALA

Kerala is a state situated in south west coastal area of India. Kerala is bounded by Arabian sea in west and west gads ( Sahya Parvatha -traditional name ) in east. Kerala have a unique geographical feature. It makes Kerala a famous tourist place all over the world. Tourist can enjoy Back water tourism, hill stations , wild life, beaches in Kerala.

Culture of Kerala

Culture of Kerala is very much famous among the world. Kerala culture is originated from Aryan and Dravidian culture. Kerala language Malayalam is derived from Dravidian language Tamil and Aryan language Sanskrit.

Story of Kerala

It says that lord Parashurama the sixth avatar or lord Vishnu created Kerala by throwing his axe ( Mazhu ) across the ocean. Parashurama after destroying all his enemy kshetriyas he reached kanyakumari and he threw his axe across the ocean. The place where the axe landed is known us Kerala.

Art Forms of Kerala

Kerala has its own Arts forms, dance forms like Kathakali , Mohiniyatom , Koodiyatom , Theyam etc and kerala is also blessed with own martial art form Kalari payattu . which is believed that parashurama’s gift to kerala and it is an old form of martial art. Kerala also blessed with Muslim dance form oppana and Christian dance form margam kali.

Religions in Kerala

Kerala culture is a mix of Hindu , Muslim , Christian religions and kerala is a place where all people in deferent cast and religion leave in a good unity and love.

Architecture of Kerala

Kerala has its own unique architect called kerala architects. It is originated from Dravidian architect. Kerala is the place where Vasthu Shastra the ancient science of architecture is followed from millions of years. In kerela a tourist can find much good architecture in temples and tharavadu old houses.

Health Care in kerala

Kerala is very much famous with its health care especially treatment called Ayurveda . Ayurveda is an ancient form of treatment in which medicines is extracted from plants. Ayurveda included tirumal (massages) for relaxation body. In kerala Kalari marma treatment is also a main form of treatment.

Festivals of kerala

Onam is called as the national festival of Kerala. Which is celebrated in the memory of the king mahabaly. There are lots of festivals a tourist can find and enjoy in Kerala. That include Boat raice, Trishure Pooram etc.

Food in Kerala

Kerala has its own taste. Different types of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Foods are available in kerala. Like Sadya, Sea food, back water fishes like karimin.

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Kerala A point of great culture and tradition

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Kerala A point of great culture and tradition