Kilimanoor Palace

Birth Place of Raja Ravi Varma
kilimanoor palace

Kilimanoor Palace

Kilimanoor palace is renowned as the birth place of Raja Ravi Varma. Raja Ravi Varma a renowned painter in Kerala. Ravi varma was prince of princely state of Travancore.

The palace was constructed in the year 1753. Place has the history of 300 years.  Travelers in Kilimanoor palace can get the history of mural painting of Kerala. The palace is main attraction for Kerala tourism.

Attraction of Kilimanoor palace

Artist studio

Artist studio is a main attraction of the palace. This is the place where Ravi Varma started his painting at his age of five. The wall of studio was his first canvas in which Ravi varma drawn his first painting with charcoal.

Famous paintings of Ravi Varma are displayed in this studio. This will gives a good knowledge and inspiration for startup artists and professionals. Raja Ravi Varma spend his last moments before his death in this studio.

Nataka Shala

Nataka Shala is an amazing hall or a traditional stage. In this stage different types of art forms where performed in old days. The major art forms performed in this stage where Tullal, Musical performance, Koodiyaatom etc.

The main attractions of the stage are wooden doors, beautiful old floor tiles and the kalivilakku  etc

Architecture of Kilimanoor palace

The palace was constructed in six hectares area. The traditional residential structure of Kerala was followed in the construction of the palace. The structure of palace of palace is known as Naalukettu in Malayalam.

Entrance to palace is known as padipura which is rotund arched. Place consists of small and big traditional buildings. Two ponds and traditional wells and sacred groves are the part of palace.

raja ravi varma painting

How to reach Kilimanoor Palace


Nearest railway station: Trivandrum railway station

Neaivandrrest airport: Trivandrum airport