Shakthan Thampuran Palace

Shaktan Thampuran Palace

Shakthan Thampuran Palace

Shaktan Thampuran Palace is a historical tourist spot in Kerala which is situated in thrissure district. The palace is constructed in Dutch architecture design. The palace is converted into a historical museum in 2005 by Kerala government. The palace is a great asset for Kerala tourism and Kerala culture.

Vadakkekara Palace

Shaktan Thampuran Palace was known as a vadakkekara palace in the old days. And was reconstructed by Ramavarma Thampuran king of Cochin in the year of 1795 in Kerala Dutch style. After the reconstruction of the  palace it is known as Saktan Thampuran palace. Kerala tourism department takes care of the palace now.

Dutch-Kerala architecture of Shaktan Thampuran Palace

Shakthan thampuran palace is constructed in Ductch-Kerala architecture. The outer view of the palace is in Detuch stye and the interior is about Kerala naalukettu style. Italian marbles used for the flooring  of the palace are an attraction of the Shaktan Thampuran Palace. Tourist in Kerala can enjoy old foreign architecture of Kerala from this Tourist Spot.

Shaktan Thampuran Palace
Shaktan Thampuran Palace

Museum in Shaktan Thampuran Palace

In Shaktan Thampuran Palace museum a traveller can see sculptures, bronze articles which used in the 17th century. Coins such as roman gold coins and Travancore silver coins can also find in the museum.  The ancient writings are another attraction for the museum. The Museum makes the Shaktan Thampuran Palace a great tourist spot of Kerala.

Heritage Garden in Shaktan Thampuran Palace

Shaktan Thampuran Palace is rich with beautiful heritage garden. Varieties of Kerala plants and trees can be found in this garden. The Kerala tourism department gives a great attention to this heritage garden.

Shaktan Thampuran

Ramavarma Kungipilla Thampuran ruled kingdom of Cochin in 17th century is known as Sakthan Thamuran. The period of the king is known as the golden year of Cochin.

Archaeological garden

Archaeological garden in Shakthan Thampuran palace is situated in north part of palace. This is the place where we can find collections of stone age. This is the main attraction of shakthan thampuran palace and Kerala tourism.

How to reach Shaktan Thampuran Palace

Near by Railway station : Thrissur Railway station

Near by Airport : Nedumbasheri Airport

Near by places

Shaktan Thampuran Palace is situated near by famous vadakkunatha temple in thrissur district of Kerala. The temple is famous for thrissur puram.