Margam kali a Christian Art Form

Margam Kali

Margam Kali

Margam Kali is a traditional Christian dance form of kerala. It is mainly performed by Syrian Christian community ( Saint Thomas Christians ). It is now days fount mainly in village area of district Kottayam.

Margam Kali Dnace


This dance form is also known as vattakali. The dance form is performed around the traditional lamb of Kerala called Nilavilakku. Dance is performed by a group of girls which has twelve members.

While performing these dance girls wear traditional dress of kerala Christian style that is chatem mundum. In this dance Saint thomas’s story is been narrated.

Margam Kali Song

Song of the dance narrates story of the Saint Thomas an Apostle in Kerala. Like Saint Thomas’s landing in Kerala , how he establish churches, what all are his contributions for Christian community in Kerala etc .

Margam Kali Costume

Costumes of the dance is very much attractive. Girls wear Kerala Christian style dotty and shirt which is known as Chattaym Mundum. The costume of the dance is white in colour.