Hindu Art Forms Of Kerala

Kerala is well known for its distinctive sorts of customary and social fine arts. It is a main attraction for tourist in kerala. They They are mostly related with hindu conviction and religious historys.    Artistic expressions performed by hindu group is  all that much acclaimed in this. Hindu Art structures assume an extremely incredible part in kerala artistic expressions and society. Hindu Art structures are all that much in number and all are altogether different in there style. The history of kerala culture can be understood from these art forms.

Main Hindu Art Forms of Kerala are:

Dance forms                     Musical Forms

Kathakali                                Chenda Meelam

Mohiniyattom                        Pangavadyam

Koodiyaattom                        Pangavadyam

Theyyam                                  Sopana Sangeetham

Ottamthullal                          Naadan Paatu

Chakkiyar Koothu

Nangiyar Koothu

Thiruvadira Kali



Kathakali is the traditional art form in kerala

Mohiniyatom is a dance form which is originated in kerala


Mohiniyatom is a dance form which is originated in kerala

Thiruvadira Kali


Theyyam is a traditional and spiritual art form from kerala