Kathakali is a world famous traditional Art form which is originated in Kerala. Kathakali is the proud of Kerala culture. It is a traditional dance forms as well a dance-drama. The various characters in the dance are adopted from the old Hindu methodologies.

The costumes of artists are very much attractive which keeps the dance unique from other dance forms. The face expressions of kathakali artists are extra ordinary. The artists need more training to do the face expressions.

kathakali images
kathakali pictures

About Kathakali

Kathakali needs years of dedicated practice for its difficult foot works or steps and body movements. Artists need an extra ordinary body stamina and flexibility which they are accrued from 7-8 years of practice.

This is a dance-drama which says all stories by facial expressions, hand movements and foot works. The costumes for each character of the dance are specially designed and the make-ups of artists are done very carefully and beautifully.

This makes the dance form very much attractive for the viewers. The dance is played based on the background music which is singing by kathakali singers. The background music for this dance drama is known as kahakali sangeetham or kathakali padam.


Kathakali Face or Navaresam

Face expressions of the dance are called nava resa nava means nine the facial expressions are nine in number so it got this name they are: Sringaram-love, Hassyam-comedy, Karunyam- pity,  Raudram-Furious, Veeram-Heroic, Bhayanakam-Fearful, Bheebhatsaram-Disgust, Athfutha-wonder, Shandam-Peace.


Characters or vesha in kathakali are mainly classified into: Pacha, Kathi, Kari etc.


Hand Movements or kathakali Mudra

The story of Kathakali is told mainly by hand expressions also. They are called as Kathakali Mudra. They are mainly: Pathaka, Mudrakayam, Mushti, Anjali, Mukuram, Bhramaram, soochimukham, Pallavam, Mukhulam etc.

kathakali face
kathakali performance