Mohiniyattam is dance form which is originated in Kerala. It has as importance as Kathakali in Kerala. This traditional dance of Kerala plays a main role in Kerala tourism. Classical dance Mohiniyattam gives Kerala tourism a great attraction.Beauty of the dance makes Kerala cultural tourism famous all around the world.

Mohiniyattam Dance

It is believed that during the occasion of Palazhi Madhanam Dsuras (devils) steel the Amruth from Devas (gods).  AS per hindu methodology belief Amruth was a medicine which gives long life.

To avoid miss use of amruth by Asuras lord Vishnu disguised as mohini and went to asuras. And do the dance in front of asuras to attract them and took amruth to gods. The dance which is performed by lord Vishnu is known as Mohiniyttam Dance.

In other occasion lord Vishnu took his disguised as mohiny to save lord Shiva. In this occasion also Mohiny has done the same dance in front of Bhasmasura to save lord shiva. This is also known as dance Mohiniyattam.


History of Mohiniyattam

In the old 19th century King of Travancore Swathi tirunall promoted the mohiniyattam dance in his kingdom. But after the period of Swathi Tirunaal the dance got disappeared.  Later the famous poet Vallathol again took back the dance and gives it a status of modern classical dance.

Then Kalamandalam Kallyanikuttiyamma a famous dancer gives a new berth for the dance.  So that Kallyanikuttiyamma is called as mother of Mohiniyattam.


About Mohiniyattam

Mohiniyattam is played with the background music called Chollu. Chollu the song of the dance is in language Manipravalam which is mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrith. This dance is almost similar to the dance forms Bharatha naatyam and kuchupudi. But has its own beauty.

The dance form has nice hip movements and eye movements which gives it a great attraction. The foot works and hand movements of mohiniyattam are also very much attractive. Dress code and costumes of the dance form is traditional Kerala style.

mohiniyattam classical dance