krishnapuram palace

Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace is the most famous palace in Kerala. The palace is situated in Kayamkulam of Alapuzha district. Palace is built by Anizham Tirunaal Marthanda Varma king of Travancore.

The palace is constructed in 18th century. The palace is now converted as museum. And now it is take cared by archaeology department of Kerala government.

krishnapuram palace museum

The palace is now functions as a museum by Kerala archaeology department. This museum consists of ancient coins, metallic remains, brass and stone sculptures etc.


krishnapuram palace

Mural Painting Gajendra Moksham

The painting was found in the wall of bathing house of the palace. The painting is of 49 square meters which is a largest mural painting fount in Kerala.

The painting was done with the paints obtained from juice of fruits and leafs. And it remains a mystery that the painting remains without any damage for long period.

The painting resembles the story of Lord Maha Vishnu who saved the elephant king. The elephant was caught by a crocodile in the river.

Then the elephant prayed Vishnu then the god killed the crocodile with his Sudrshana Chakara and saved the elephant.

Elephant at the time got happy and offers the god flowers. At the time all gods see this and showered flowers on the god.

This Painting shows Lord Vishnu is the family deity of Kayamkulam Royal family. The meaning of Gajendra Moksha is Salvation of elephant king.


Kayamkulam Vaal

Other main attraction of the palace museum is Kayamkulam Val. It is a both side sharpened sword weapon. It is the most dangerous weapon used by ancient warriors.

This sword is the main specialty of Kayamkulam king. It is used by the king and his Chver soldiers in 18th century. Chaver pada is the team of soldiers who dedicated there life for king and kingdom.

Buddha Mandopam in Krisnapuram Palace

Buddha mandopam is another attraction for the palace. It is a hall where attractive statue of Buddha is placed. The statue is found from nearby part of kayamkulam in ancient days

Travancore Anchal

Travancore Anchal is another attraction for the Kayamkulam palace. It is the old days post box. This shows that the communication method was good in kayamkulam kingdom in old days.

Sanskrit Bible

The Sanskrit Bible placed in krishnapuram palace museum is very much famous in Kerala. The bible was written in Hindu language Sanskrit. This shows the religious unity of Kayamkulam and Kerala culture.

Architecture of Krisnapuram Palace

The palace and its court cover area spreads approximately 1.5 acres. It is a two stored building constructed based on ancient Kerala Vastu shastra.

The palace consists of 16 kettu and an interior courtyard called Nadumuttam. The palace consist of 22 rooms which is created in ancient Kerala architecture.

The sloping roof, narrow passages, narrows winding staircase low ceiling and projected balcony are the main attraction of the palace architecture.

Palace pond

Palace pond is a major attraction of the palace. The pond is very much big and beautiful. It is believed that in old days there is an underground passage through the pond. This passage is used as escape rot from enemies.

Krishnapuram palace timings:

All days of week except Monday from 9.30 Am to 4.30 pm

How to reach Krishnapuram palace

Nearest Railway station: Kayamkulam Railway station

Nearest Bus stop: Kayamkulam KSRTC bus stop

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum Airport and Nedumbasheri Airport