Kuthiramalika Palace


Kuthiramalika place is a well known palace in Trivandrum district of Kerala. The palace was built by Swathy Thirunal Rama Varma king. The palace was built in 1840s. This palace is a great tourist place in Kerala.

Puthen Malika Palace

Puthen Malika is another name of the place Kuthiramalika. Puthen malika palace got this name because of 122 horse monument attached to the southern roof of palace. Kuthira Malika means Horse Place.

122 horse monument attached to the southern roof of palace is a great tourist attraction for the palace.

Kuthiramalika palace museum

A portion of the palace is converted as museum now. Travelers in the Kuthiramalika palace museum

can see different type of ancient music instruments in the museum. And some ancient articles from Travancore royal family.

The main tourist attraction of the museum is two Royal Thrones one made by 24 elephant tusks. And the other one is made by Bohemian crystal this consist of the royal emblem of Travancore royal family of Kerala.

The museum collections also include Belgian mirrors and italic mirrors, Mural paintings, traditional furniture etc. A musical Tree which produces 8 musical sounds is another attraction for museum.  Ivory cradles are another attraction for the museum and Kerala tourism.

Architecture of the palace

The palace was built by Tamil architects from Trivandrum. The main attraction of the palace is 122 horse faces attached to the roof of palace.

The pillars of the palace are curved in single stones. The wooden stare of the palace consists of curving of peacock, elephant, and dragon. The roof contains painting of peacock, parrot elephant etc.

The 16 rooms of palace have 16 different patterns. Tourists can have a clear view of Sree Pathmanabha Swami temple from the music room of maharaja Swathi tirunaal.

Tourists in Kerala can get an awesome feeling in this  famous tourist spot of Kerala.

Swathi Sangeethotsavam

Swathi Sangeethotsavam is the musical festival conducted from January 6 to 12th every year in Kuthira Malika courtyard. Many legends of Karnatic and Hindustani music perform in this music festival. The festival is conducted in the legacy of Swaty Tirunall maharaja.

How to Reach

Nearest Air port: Trivandrum Airport

Nearest Railway station : Tampanoor Railway station