Pandalam Palace

Pandalam palace

Pandalam Palace

Pandalam palace is a historical palace in kerala situated on bank of Achankovill river. The palace was raised by the royal family of pandalam. Pandalam palace is very much famous all over the India because of Shabharimala Temple. The palace is a main attraction for Kerala cultural tourism.

Although the most part of Pandalam palace is vanished by flood and fire the important parts of palace is retained as temples. Valiya koyikkal temple which is situated to the left side of achankovill bank and Kaipuzha temple situated in other side are the major parts of the old palace.

History of Pandalam Palace

Pandalam palace was established around 79ME or 903AD by pandalam royal family. The family migrated from pandiya kingdom of Madurai. And choose pandalam as their kingdom.

Pandalam Palace and Shabharimala Temple

According to legends Lord Ayyapa was born in pandalam palace. So that Pandalam king is known as the father of Lord Ayyappa. It is believed that Shabharimala temple is constructed by pandalam royal family.

The ornaments of Lord Ayyapa idole has been kept in Pandalam Palace. Every year these ornaments are carried to Shabharimala temple from the palace during Makaravilakku festival. This is a main attraction of the palace.

Pandalam Royal Family

Pandalam Royal Family is most respectable royal family in kerala. It is believed that the migrated peoples from Pandiya royal family creates the Pandalam kingdom.

In the old time the territory of pandalam was extended over 1000 squre miles in eastward moundan range. And 18 holly hills including Shabharimala. The royal family of pandalam is belonged to Bhargava gotra.

The teritorys under Pandalam was transferd to government of travencore. After the independence the territory was hand over to tiruvidankoor  devasam bord. Tiruvidamkoor devasam and Kerala tourism department take care of the palace at present.

Pandalam palace

How to reach Pandalam Palace

Nearest Railway station : Chenganoor Railway station, Kayamkulam Railway station

Nearest Airport : Nedumbasheri Airport, Trivandrum Airport

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