Chettikulangara devi temple
chettikulangara temple

Chettikulangara Devi Temple

Chettikulangara Temple is the one of the most famous temple in kerala. Aspect of Chettikulangara devi temple is deity appears Swaraswti in morning Lakshmi in noon and Sri Durga or Bhadrakali devi in evening.

Temple is situated in the place chetikulangar in Mavelikara Taluk. Chettikulkangara Temple is called as the temple of Onattukara.

Onattukara is the place where 3 places joining together. Kayamkulam , Haripad and Mavelikkara. The Temple is situated in the district of Alappuzha. Temple is in between Mavelikara and Kayamkulam.

Kutiyotam dance and Kumbhabharani festivals are the main custom of the temple. Mainly 13 karas is in charge of the temple.

Chettikulangara bharani Festival

Main Festival of Chettikulangara Temple is Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani. It is very biggest and famous festival all over the Kerala. Visual beauty of kumbha bharani Festival is incredible.

The main attraction of Kumbhabharani Fetival is Teeru ( chariot ) and kuthiras ( Hourse ) which is build in wood and cloth and pulled by man power. Aswathy festival is also a main festival in Chettikulangara Temple.


Chettikulangara amma goddess of Chettikulangara

Chettikulangara amma is main goddess of the temple. It is believed that the aspect of chettikulangara amma is Lakshmi devi in morning, Swaraswati devi in afternoon and durga or Khali in evening.

There are many upadevedas in chetikulangara temple like

Ganapathy, Nagarajavu, Kannamballi Bhagavati, Yakshi, Rekshasu, Bhalakan, Murthy etc.


Kuthiyottam Dance of Chetikulangara Temple

Kuthiyotam is a famous dance form in kerala which is the main art form of Chettikulangara temple. It is believed that goddess of Chettikulangara Temple likes the Kuthiyotam dance very much.

Kuttiyottam is a dance form which is plaid by Men. The dance needs very much physical strength. The tone of Kuthiyottam music is very fast.

Kuthyotam Dance is known as onotukara’s dance form. In  all the temples around Chetikulangara also will conduct kuttiyotam dance in there festival.

chettikulangara bharani

How To Reach Chettikulangara Temple

Nearest Airport : Trivandrum Airport, Nedumbasheri Airport

Nearest Railway Station : Kayamkulam Railwaystation , Mavelikara Railway Station