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Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple

Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple is famous Devi temple situated at Puthiyavila Village in Alappy district. Vadakkan koyikkal devi temple is very much near to place kayamkulam , Kayamkulam lake and Azhikkal Beach. Paarvathi Devi is the main goddess of this Bhagavathi temple in Kerala.

Main attraction of vadakkan koyikkal temple is the Sree Kovill ( main temple ) is two floored. In the Ground floor Sree Parvthi Devi Idol is placed and in the 1st floor Shiva idol is placed. Temple also consist of Sree Bhadrakali temple and Sree Dharmashata temple .

Upadevatas of vadakkan koyikkal temple

Upadevathsa of vadakkan koyikkal devi temple are Sree Bhadrakali , Sree Dharma shastavu, Naga deva, Yekshi, Khandakarna etc

Festivals Of vadakkan koyikkal temple

Main Festival of Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple is in Kumbha Bharani day. This is believed that birthday of Vadakkan Koyikkal Devi.  This is a festival of 10 days. In the 9th day and 10th day very nice kettukazhcha is conducted in this bhagavathi temple.

Navaha Yekngam in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple

Navaha Yekngam is the one of the celebration in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple it will be conducted for 9 days in April – May months. In this 9 days very good religious ceremonies (poojas ) will be conducted in temple and  all the 9 days annadana ( offering food to people ) also will be there in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple.


Kumbha Bharani



Anna Dhaanam

Makara Ponkala


Kulavazha Vettu


Parayeduppu in vadakkan koyikkal temple

Parayeduppu is a religious function in vadakkan koyikkal temple.  It is believed that Goddess of vadakkan koyikkal temple will go to all devotee’s house and receive the offerings from devotes. This religious ceremony is conducted every year in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple.

Kulavazha Vettu in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple

Kulavazha Vettu is a special religious ceremony in vadakkan koyikkal devi temple. This is conducted in the memory of Sree Bhdrakali’s fight against asuras.

In this ceremony number of banana plants was placed in a ground representing Asuras and Sree Bhadrakali in the form of Mudiyamma will cut all banana plants. It is a very respectful and traditional religious ceremony in kerala.

Other Main Religious ceremonies

Other main religious ceremonies in vadakkan koyikkal temple are  Makara Ponkala, Trikkartika, Leksharchana, Narangavilakku etc.

How to Reach vadakkan koyikkal temple

Nearest Railway Stations: Kayamkulam Railway station, Harippadu Railway station

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum Airport, Nedumbasheri Airport

Nearest Bus station: Kayamkulam Bus station

Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple
Vadakkan Koyikkal Temple
vadakkan koyikkal temple
Kumbha Bharani