Tourist places in Kerala

Tourist places in Kerala

Kerala is an excellent spot which a vacation-er ought not to miss in his life. It is a most well known traveller put all around the globe and a proud for nation India.

Kerala is well known for its cultural tourism and echo tourism. The historical places like palaces and forts are main attraction for a tourist in Kerala. The back water tourist spots and beaches in Kerala are well known all around the world.

The hill stations of Kerala are also main attraction where a tourist can enjoy nice greenery and waterfalls.  Greenery and the natural beauty is the main attraction of Kerala. Tourist places in Kerala are the most attractive places all around the world.

Historical Places in Kerala

Historical places like palaces, forts are a main attraction for Kerala cultural tourism. Tourist can find several ancient architectures at these places. Mural paintings in historical palaces of Kerala is also a main attraction of Kerala tourism.

Back water tourism in Kerala

Kerala is well known for its back water tourism mainly available in the district of Alapuzha. House boats are main attraction of back water tourism of Kerala.

Back water foods and fishing are very much attractive for tourists. Kuttanadu place in Alappy district is a main attraction of Kerala. Which have good natural greenery of paddy fields.

Wild life in Kerala

Wild life sanctuaries are main tourist attraction of Kerala tourism. Aralam, Muthanga, Begur,Chinnar, Cnmini, thekadi, idukki are major wild life sanctuaries of Kerala. The ever green forest is a main attraction of Kerala. Migrating birds migrating in different season to Kerala are a main asset of Kerala tourism.

Hill Stations in Kerala

Hill stations are the main Tourist feature of Kerala. Western Ghats (sahya parvadam) is a main attraction of Kerala.

Deep values, beautiful waterfalls and the natural greenery are the main attractions of the Kerala hill stations. Main hill stations where tourists can enjoy there trip are Vagamon, Munaar,Nelliyambati, peerimedu etc.

Beaches in Kerala

Kerala’s other main attraction is its beautiful beaches. Beaches like kovalam beach are very much famous all around the world. Alappy beach, Kollam beach, kozhikodu beach, Varkal beach are also famous beaches in Kerala. Kerala beach resorts also are main attraction of Kerala beaches.