Varkala Beach

Vakala Beach Cliffs attraction

Varkala Beach is the only beach in kerala where vertical exposure or cliffs are found. The beach is in foot of beautiful cliffs which makes the beach view more attractive. Varkala beach is listed as one of the top 10 seasonal beach in the world by Discovery channel.

Varkala papanasam beach

Varkala is also a famous hindu pilgrim center in kerala which is known as papanasam. It is believed that devote who take bath in this beach can wash out all his sins in his life.  Famous Sree Janarthana Swami temple situated near by the beach is also an attraction for the beach. Because of this So that the beach is also called as papanasam beach.

varkala beach cliff
papanasam beach

Shivagiri Matam near varkala beach

Shivagiri Matam nearby varkala is also an attraction for the beach. This is the final resting place of famous social reformer of kerala Sri Narayana Gurudevan. Shivagiri is also a shiva temple which is constructed by sree narayana guru. The head office of SNDP is also situated in shivagiri.

Attractions of Varkala beach

Varkala beach is a suitable beach for swimming because of the presence of beautiful cliffs in beach. Tourists can also enjoy Surfing and sun bath in the beach since the beach is very much tidy and pollution free. The natural beauty of the beach makes it more attractive tourist place.



About Varkala Beach

Varkala is a famous beach in kerala with beautiful cliffs which is also a famous hindu pilgrim center in kerala. Varkala is situated in capital city of kerala Trivandrum. In between north west part of triuvanandapuram district and south west of kollam district in kerala.

shankumugham beach, kochuveli and kovelam beach are the other famous beaches near buy Varkala. Beach Resorts near the beach are very much use full for tourists. Varkala is not only a tourists place but also a cultural place where tourists can enjoy the old heritage of kerala.